On this page you will find information on good money grind sites known to us and that we have tried or used ourselves.


The Robigo Money Grind is propably the best method for money grinding currently possible in Elite. It works with passenger missions from Robigo Mines to Sirius Atmospherics and back. 

What you need

How it works

Go to the Robigo Mines Outpost in the Robigo system. Be aware as it is an outpost station it only has M and S size landing pads! On that station you accept passenger mission to Sirius Athmospherics and ONLY ones that head there. Once all your cabins are full or you have no missions left, plot a route to the Sothis system. There plot a route to the Planet A 5. As you get near it (1000ls) Sirius Atmospherics will pop up to target. Just target it and activate your Supercruise Assist to drop nicely. Once dropped, instantly press target, as you will exit supercruise directly in front of the beacon and put throttle on 0 (this is important, as you will crash into the beacon otherwise). Now while scanning the beacon go to your galaxy map and plot a route to Robigo / Robigo Mines again. The scan should be nearly finished when you exit your galaxy map, when it is done instantly charge your FSD and jump back and start from the beginning again. You should propably bookmark Robigo Mines and Sothis to have a quick access to these systems in the galaxy map.

Ships to use

Theoretically every ship with a size S or M landing pad would work with this. However propably the best ship for this would be the Python because of its enormous internal capacity for passenger cabins and good jump range when engineered. Below you find an EDSY link to our used python configuration for this grind. We have all D core components execpt for the FSD which is 5A and fully engineered with increased range and mass manager. With this we are close to the 30ly but not quite there. To get this we need a Guardian FSD Booster or get our ship to be lighter, in our build we chose to make out ship lighter as we do not have to unlock the guardian module. This is possible with a 4D Power Plant and 6D Power Distributor or lighter engineering to other components. The rest of all internal compartments is filled with passenger cabins. All size 6 slots with 6D/B business class cabins and all sizes below that with economy class. In the utilities we put 2 heat sink launcher just in case and no hardpoints at all. Be aware that you do not have shields using this build, if you fly carefully you do not need them and can get more money because of the additional passenger cabin.

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